Vans Partners with Artists, Athletes and Musicians to Celebrate Creativity through Personal Style

Shot by Patrick O'Dell

This fall, Vans partners with global artists, athletes and musicians to tell a story of creativity through the lens of personal style. Through a series of images Vans highlights artist and DJ, Mia Carucci, painter and designer, Matt McCormick, artist and illustrator, Rosey Jones, professional skate team rider, Tyson Peterson, singer and producer, Quin, and international artist, Sik-K to showcase how they choose to define their personal style wearing iconic Vans Classics on their feet. 

Mia Carucci’s Latin roots and culturally diverse upbringing continue to influence the work she does today as an artist and DJ. Mia started out her career as a vinyl-based DJ and built her skills for digging in an analog way. Mia continues to translate her eclectic range of musical genres and appreciation for sound selection in to her NTS radio show and monthly residency as DJ for Virgin Party in Los Angeles.

Matt McCormick for Vans


Matt McCormick is a Los Angeles based painter, artist, photographer, sculptor, writer and designer; a multimedia artist who spans all creative mediums. Matt often pulls cultural influence from Western Americana motifs and the spirit of California to translate his artistic vision and visually tell his own stories.

Rosey Jones for VANS

Rosey Jones spends her days drawing, painting or taking photographs. Having studied photography, the passion of the Netherlands-based artist lies in illustrating where she can visually express her innermost thoughts in order to share and connect with others. Rosey not only expresses herself through her artwork but through her travels and personal style. 

Tyson Peterson for VANS

Known for skating the biggest rails with a fearless and stylish approach, Tyson Peterson is Vans’ latest amateur turned pro. He puts his skill and creativity on display both on and off his board. Tyson mixes effortless style, focused execution and bright demeanor as he paves the way for up-and-coming skateboarders worldwide. 

Quin for Vans

Realizing her personal strength and power as a singer and producer is what empowers Los Angeles-based artist Quiñ. When the soul singer isn’t collaborating with other multi-talented artists she is producing tantalizing fantasy soul tracks like her recent single, Remind Me, and continues to test the boundaries through visually arresting images that exercise her spirit through all different practices.

Sik-K for VANS

Sik-K is an international rapper and style purveyor who hails from Seoul, Korea. He recently released his latest solo mixtape, Trapart while also performing as a member of H1GHR MUSIC collective. Sik-K’s unique fashion sense is inspired from the people around him and his travels as a performing artist.

Vans are not just one thing, and neither are the people that wear them. The Vans Authentic, Era, Classic Slip-On, Old Skool and Sk8-Hi have been mainstays in Vans’ collections for decades and are the very foundations to the expression and inspiration that comes from personal style and creative endeavors. To see more creatives and to shop new Vans styles visit now.