December 16th, 2019

The Era Mismatched

The Vans Era was the first shoe designed for skateboarders by skateboarders.

Introduced in 1976 and originally called the Style #95, the Era was made popular by the legendary Z-Boys and remains the shoe of choice for skaters, surfers, and creative people worldwide. Today, the Era remains the choice for skaters, surfers and creatives worldwide with its versatile construction and unique material combinations.

The mismatch pack is avaible now, featuring Vans Era, Slip-on (retail only), and Style 36. Seasonal colors and prints are mixed and matched on the left and right shoe of each Classic silhouette.

The mismatch pack Vans brings to life the early days of Vans. When a shoe blew out from riding, skateboarders from Dogtown could walk into the family-run Vans stores to replace it with any color of their choosing, leaving with a mix and matched pair of the Vans Era. This unknowingly ignited the creative style that can only come from skate culture.

The Mismatch Pack is available online and in retail stores.