The Hi Standard Lands in Korea with over 100 Athletes Participating

Global Athletes, an epic park setup, and lots of kids, the Vans Hi Standard in Korea kicked off the snow season

Seoul (January 17, 2017), The first Hi Standard event in Asia Pacific kicked off yesterday in Korea at the Phoenix Park resort. Over 100 riders were in attendance and took part in a full lineup of snow contests.  With a blue-sky backdrop and low winds, riders young and old, male and female, battled it out across Phoenix Park’s various obstacles, including a 7 and 16-meter kicker line-up and a dragon box setup.  



Global athletes came all the way from Rhode Island, USA, to ride with the Koreans.  Straight out of the Yagoons crew, Vans riders Marcus Rand and Brian Skorupski were in full form for the day, bringing their creative blend of rail tricks to the excitement of locals.  

five dollars up for grabs
Style is everything


True style was the flavor of the day in Korea, especially over the 16 Meter kicker, where riders as young as 9 and as old 45, kept spins to a minimum but threw some creative twists on grabbing, such as a mid-air “Dab” pose for cash.  Van Doren dollars rained down on participants for anything from a slow 180, all the way up to a backflip off the end of the dragon box by the youngest of the crowd Lee Dong Hun.  Top awards were taken home by 35 year old Kang In Hyuk, who corked his way to some great gear from Vans.  Most Improved was taken for a second consecutive year by Yoo Chae Woon. Van Doren Best Trick honors were bestowed upon female ripper Park Eun Jung, who’s overall performance on the down-rail stoked out both guys and girls.  As well, rail technician Yoo Cheon Jae spun every combination of board slides and tail slides to earn Van Doren’s title. 

Best trick
Liam Brearly
MVP Title

Next up in Asia, the Hi Standard lands in Beijing on January 21st, where Beijingers have their shot at earning some style points.  Follow the Yagoons boys on Instagram Brian @ki11a_b and Marcus @gramsohard as they document their first journey to Asia’s snowparks. 

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