Jhony Corzo Wins Gold in France at the ISA World Surfing Games

Two full minutes passed before Jhony Corzo realized he’d just won the Gold Medal during the ISA World Surfing Games in Biarritz, France last Sunday.

With extreme tides shifting 13-feet between peak high and low, the lineup moved out of range for the PA system, leaving the final four competitors in a throwback style heat, like the old days before live scoring existed.

It was a narrow decision from the judging panel, but Jhony’s lightning quick backhand outlasted fellow Vans teammate Joan Duru’s air reverse into the flats. Team Mexico stormed down the exposed sandbar to chair up their newly crowned hero.

At 18-years old, a kid from Puerto Escondido put his country on his back and carried them to their first ever World Title in the sport of surfing. Jhony also contributed to a strong effort from the rest of his team which landed Mexico a Copper (4 place) Medal in the overall country standings.

Congrats Jhony Corzo and to the entire Mexico team. An additional shout out goes to Vans team member Pauline Ado, who won Gold in the Women’s division, helping Team France also take Gold in the overall standings.