Vans House Parties Returns to the House of Vans

RSVP now for the May 19th
House Parties at House of Vans Brooklyn

Vans continues its year-long celebration of 50 years “Off The Wall” with the return of the House of Vans summer series, House Parties. Back for six exhilarating shows in Greenpoint, the free House of Vans events marry a robust music lineup with an elevated art exhibition, setting the stage for an experience that pays homage to New York City’s punk, hardcore and hip hop heritage alongside Vans’ one-of-a-kind culture. Presenting 18 acts from a range of genres all representing Vans’ diverse musical aesthetic, House of Vans will welcome DIIV, Sleep, Rae Sremmurd, Battles, Quicksand, Converge, Neon Indian, Jon Hopkins, The Field, BadBadNotGood and more.

To celebrate the evolution of street culture and the aesthetic of New York City, Vans has partnered with several visual artists to transform the House of Vans into an art experience that will showcase the cultural intersection of punk, hardcore, rap and skateboarding through various mediums. The immersive experience begins as guests approach House of Vans where they will be treated to a special light installation customized by Ken Farmer that is inspired by a once flickering light existing several years ago on the building’s burnt out marquee. Upon entering, the space will continue to evolve with several installations including graffiti by iconic NYC artists WANE ONE and Stash, a massive collage using vintage NYC punk flyers by Scott Ewalt, and a fully functioning boombox wall commemorating ‘80s hip hop and street culture from Bayete Ross Smith.


In partnership with FYF, the 2016 Vans House Parties offer a rare opportunity to experience some of the best live music programming out there in a truly unique and historical art setting that celebrates Vans’ rich “Off The Wall” heritage in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. 


Vans family and friends can now RSVP to attend the first show of the 2016 Vans House Parties summer series.



House of Vans Brooklyn 2016 House Parties Lineup

  • May 19: Jon Hopkins, The Black Madonna, The Field - RSVP Open 5/9
  • June 9: DIIV, BadBadNotGood, Sunflower Bean, The Paranoyds - RSVP Open 5/25
  • June 16: Rae Sremmurd, Denzel Curry - RSVP Open 5/25
  • June 23: Sleep, Battles - RSVP Open 6/13
  • June 29: Neon Indian, Factory Floor, Kim Ann Foxman - RSVP Open 6/13
  • July 6: Quicksand, Converge - RSVP Open 6/28

RSVP now for Jon Hopkins on May 19th

at House of Vans Brooklyn




Amy von Harrington is a self taught visual artist, video maker, and performer. Master's in Queered Theories. Doppelbänger. Three years deep into a daily collage instacram series. Longtime desert rat. All-time Karaoke Star. Awakening creativity from its slumber party daydream.


Bayeté Ross Smith is a contemporary African American multi-media artist, film maker and educator. He currently lives and works in Harlem. He is represented by Guido Maus, beta pictoris gallery / Maus Contemporary in Birmingham, AL.


Gwenaël Rattke is a French / German visual artist based in Berlin. His background is in the punk / hardcore communities of the late 80's and early 90's in which he published the punk zine "Easily Grossed Out" out of Rennes, France and Minneapolis. Having put on many punk shows and produced various record covers and punk flyers in the US, Canada and in Europe, his work now centers largely on collages, silk screened posters and book making.


Filmmaker, Jill Reiter, started organizing shows as part of the burgeoning Riot Grrrl and Queercore NYC communities in the late 80's and early 90’s. She has created large scale video projections for nightclubs, museums and bands, with a special emphasis on archival footage culled from the visual history of punk, new wave, early hip-hop, mod, rock-n-roll and glam. Reiter recently released the film In Search of Margo-Go, which is a neon-tinged homage to the early ‘80s NYC nightclub milieu.


Ken Farmer specializes in the curation, production and installation of site-specific, light-based artwork that uniquely engages audiences through visceral experiences. Moving beyond the traditional gallery space, Ken is celebrated for his work at Venice Architecture Biennale, the New Museum,  Palais de Tokyo and Nuit Blanche New York.


Matthew Zaremba is a multi-disciplinary artist. Zaremba's minimalist and poignant work illustrates the human condition as well as the complexities of relationships with one another and our surroundings.

Nathaniel Russell spent several years making posters, record covers, and woodcuts. He now spends his time creating drawings, paintings, fake fliers, bad sculptures, wood cut-outs, and music. Russell’s work is regularly shown around the world in both traditional galleries and informal spaces, usually surrounded by an expanding list of friends, collaborators, and like-minded folk.


Nick Zaremba is a multimedia artist with artwork ranging from small drawings and site specific 3D installations to large scale murals translating what he does by hand to commercial applications. Zaremba mixes his personal youth's ingredients of skateboarding, spray painting, adventuring, and DIY ideology, to the topics of color, time, psychology, and semiotics. 


New York artist Scott Ewalt is best known for his album covers for artists as varied as Dolly Parton, Jayne County, Marc Almond, the Demolition Doll Rods and the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. His work also includes Back in the Night exhibit and the redesign of the constellations for the Rose Space Center at the American Natural History Museum.


Sean Taggart has created flyers, t-shirts and album covers for some of his favorite bands. In 1989, Punk Rock art great Pushead, saved him from his night job as a legal proof-reader by setting him up with a t-shirt company, designing shirts for Hair Metal bands. The nineties would soon prove to be the era for “Grunge” and a cordial multi-platinum selling comedy duo called The Jerky Boys. Since then he’s worked as a penciler/inker for DC Comics, Illustrated kid’s joke books, a regular contributor to Nick magazine, fast food toy designer. Sean has worked as an art director, storyboard artist, animator, animation director, creative director and most recently between gigs.


Stash is considered to be one of New York’s graffiti legends. He pioneered the use of graphic elements of graffiti on streetwear through high-profile collaborations with companies such as Nike and Bathing Ape. Stash is now firmly established as an innovator and influencer in the world of urban design, and his fascination with the urban environment is also evident in his perfectly executed photographic work, which features a combination of city motifs alongside the latest lighting and printing techniques.


Graffiti artist Wayne became ‘Wane One’ when he painted his first train in 1983. Wane eventually started exploring other mediums, such as painting with acrylic on canvas, denim jackets and jeans and transitioned into graphic design - creating logos for hip-hop groups like Gangstarr, Jeru the Damager and Group Home. 


Zac Scheinbaum is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Santa Fe, who currently based in Brooklyn and is tattooist at Kings Avenue Tattoo in NYC.


And many others.