House of Vans Presents Metamorphosis, January 16th in Brooklyn, NY

RSVP has officially opened for Metamorphosis, an unprecedented one-day art collaboration live from House of Vans Brooklyn. Artists Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Santtu Mustonen have partnered to create an immersive, large-scale floating tunnel featuring kinetic light animations playing with a variety of interactive elements including space, light, dance and music. A full line-up of counter-culture musicians and dancers, curated by Hisham Bharoocha including Brian DeGraw, Venus X, DJ Tameil, MikeQ / Qween Beat, IIII, Tygapaw, Dutch E Germ and Soft Circle will help bring the installation to life.

The experience will feature a 40-foot floating structure, creating a tunnel with light sensor technology and projection mapping. The animations showcased throughout the tunnel take inspiration from metamorphosis in nature: the changing light of the day, the idea of a mutation, and ever-evolving human beliefs and progress. The tunnel animations are interactive, moving faster or slower, dependent on musicians triggering the effects. The animations morph throughout the evening, giving a psychedelic experience reminiscent of a wormhole. The tunnel also features electronic drum pads by Sunhouse that allow guests to engage first-hand with projections of the tunnel artwork. A 3D photobooth by A-1 Array will also document individual guests and their friends as they become part of the experience. In proper Vans fashion, beverages and food will be available.