Vans Hi Standard and LANDLINE. Snowboarding film Premiere Successfully Finished!


Last Sunday, January 28th , we had the “style is everything” - Vans Hi Standard at Beijing Nanshan Mellow Park and global first snowboarding film LANDLINE. premiere at Beijing 751 D-PARK. All snowboarding fans joining in the events and Vans global riders spent the whole day together, which is 100% for snowboarders!


Vans Hi-Standard started at 11:00am at Mellow Park. Blue sky, white snow and well-designed Hi Standard venue all mixed together and provided the best stage for those riders participating in the contest. No matter for the open-jam or the “Van Doren Rail Best Trick”, we had one and only rule which is - “style is everything”. Riders were encouraged to push the limits and express their style in the contest, and they would get cash rewards directly from Vans global riders once they have done maneuvers with “style”. 

Big air jam
Rail Jam
Big air

Vans global riders became the guest judger and after heated discussion about this amazing competition they finally decided to crown Men’s MVP to Chinese rider Yan Yong coming from Xinjiang (also he is the rider of Vans China snow team) and Women’s MVP to Korea rider Jamie. And the “Worst Bail” belonged to the rider who fell at the starting platform, 6just like a comedy. In addition to fun games, we prepared drinks, hot pizzas and of course waffles to provide on-site riders  enough energy for keeping enjoying snowboarding fun at Mellow Park!


If Vans Hi Standard gave you the opportunity to get in touch with the snow, the premiere of Vans global first snowboarding film LANDLINE. then brought a strong visual impact to all audience that night at 751 D-PARK.  After the media interview and signing session, the great snowboarding film, cost two and a half year, were shown on the large screen for the first time in front of all Chinese riders. 

landline team

Vans snowboard team traveled globe and showcased their creative and insane tricks and life style in this movie. There were full of cheers and whistles in the theater by local riders to salute these great global riders in their own way. The movie is shot primarily on Kodak 16mm film without any aerial shot which could truly express the most uninhibited and wonderful aspect of snowboarding, and this is exactly what all Vans snowboard team and filmmaker would like to bring to you.


This is Hi Standard, and this is LANDLINE.

This, is Vans