Summer Shreds

2018 Vans Hi-Standard Series at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Mt. Hood, Oregon

How many kids can say they went away to summer camp and actually made money? Well for the lucky campers of Session 2 at Mt. Hood, Oregon's High Cascade Summer Camp, that's what happened—on their first day, even.

The Vans Hi-Standard Series dropped into the park just below Mt. Hood's peak at on Wednesday, June 27th under perfect bluebird skies and t-shirt temps. And with it came the $5-bills to reward called tricks—and an ultra-fun atmosphere just like all the regular series stops every year.

Big Air

When nothing over a 720 counts—and style is everything—the kids had to go deep in their trick bags, learning from each other and trying new ones as they went along.

Vans pros Darrell Mathes and Jake Kuzyk were shredding with all the campers, diggers and coaches—everyone got in on the action that was filled up with pro-, advanced- and intermediate-level riding. And it wasn't all boys having all then fun—there was an awesome showing by the girls too.

Big air

Kuzyk and Mathes were also helping to give out $2,000 in $5-bills for the day’s Big Air jam format and the Van Doren Rail Jam. Organizers decided to run all of the day's events as open category jams with all ages riding together in the both events.

The big air jam of the day was on a set up that featured two take offs into a common landing giving the kids a choice between 40' and 25' jumps and the rail jam featured two sections: the first with high ledge transfer to down rail and flat tube, and the second with a flat rail and 30-foot down rail.

big air

When the bills were all doled out, the days' MVP was crowned Brandon Sorel, who was stoked with how the day went down and its overall vibe.

"I had a blast!" he said barely containing his enthusiasm. "What an amazing day! This event rules!"

The day’s Most Improved Award went to Oliver Bowater-Antrim for really pushing himself to learn tricks and earn Vans bills, and the Worst Bail of the Day title belonged to Trevor Sasso.

5 dollars

Like the end of every day at High Cascade Summer Camp, it was more summer activities and skating at the camp's private skatepark, before everyone went back to their bunks for the night. This time, for most of the campers, their wallets were just a little bitter fatter. Good thing for them, each HCSC session features a Legendary Staff Sale™ where they can snap up some new pro goods.

Over the course of its 2018 world tour, the Vans Hi-Standard series touched down in South Korea, China, France, Finland, Canada and the United States—and at every stop, registration, lift tickets and lunch was free to participants provided by Vans. 

Rail Jam

For more info on the Vans Hi-Standard Series— where style is everything and no spins over a 720 count—go to