Vans Welcomes Team Rider Courage Adams

September 22, 2021

Vans BMX Welcomes European Team Rider Courage Adams To the Global Family


Vans BMX: Welcome to the Family - Courage Adams | BMX | VANS

Vans BMX is proud to welcome Nigerian-born, Spain-resident and long-standing Vans Europe Family member, Courage Adams, to the global BMX family. Gifted with infinite balance and bike control, Courage is recognized globally as the master of manuals and has become one of the best at what he does. Welcome to the family, Courage!

Vans is excited to welcome Spain's Courage Adams to the global BMX family.

Born in Nigeria and now calling Madrid home, Courage is the first-ever Nigerian pro BMX rider. He is recognized globally as the master of manuals - be it front or back wheel, forwards or fakie, he is gifted with infinite balance and unbelievable bike control.


"It is a huge honor for me to be part of the global team with all the greatest riders in the world," Courage said. "I want to thank all the people who support me and help me keep going. Without them, I would never have made it. Also, I want to thank me - for believing in myself and for no days off, never quitting, and always moving forward."

At age 12, Courage Adams was inspired by local BMXers in Pamplona, Spain, after witnessing a BMX “wheelie” for the first time. Since then, his dedication to riding has motivated him to become one of the best at what he does, producing some of the most inspiring video parts in BMX. Known for his quiet, humble approach, Courage has also been noticed for his elevated street style. His guiding philosophy, “Balance is the key to life,” has become synonymous with his riding style, propelling him to new levels on a bike.

Tony Hawk

Courage has also teamed up with Vans to create his take on the Slip-On BMX, a sleek shoe featuring premium black leather uppers, embossed with elephant skin texture and Courage's signature Elephant Scale logo showing through transparent rubber outsoles. For more information, please visit The Drop List, a calendar of Vans' most exclusive product drops.


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