Vans Partners with Chef Chris Cosentino to Celebrate Creative, Culinary Expression

Vans, the original youth culture brand and icon of creative expression, partners with Chris Cosentino, chef and co-owner of Cockscomb in San Francisco, on a limited-edition design of the Vans ‘Made for the Makers’ Old Skool. Vans’ ‘Made for the Makers’ collection debuted earlier this year celebrating everyday creatives and their diverse pursuits within art, music, action sports and street culture. Vans is proud to partner with Cosentino to deliver a new classic for a true maker. 

A skater almost all his life, Cosentino draws from the never give up attitude of learning new tricks to succeeding as a chef. He constantly sees parallels between the lifestyle and culture of skateboarding and that of restaurants. His Vans ‘Made for the Makers’ capsule is designed for both the kitchen and the streets. 

“Skating is a huge part of the restaurant culture. Skating was a huge part of my formative years and to be able to do this with Vans now is a dream come true,” Cosentino said. “You can wear the shoes during work and go out after work and no one’s looking at you saying, ‘Oh, you came from a restaurant,’ that to me, is a big deal. I would actually say simple is always better, and it goes for the same thing in cooking.”

For this release, Vans and Cosentino styled the Made for the Makers Old Skool in black and grenadine, adding touches to maximize comfort for chefs around the world. Vans UltraCush™ footbed provides comfort for the days they’re constantly on their feet, a Vansguard™ canvas that repels water, as well as reverse-waffle outsoles for added traction. The shoes feature a small “SF” on the side, paying tribute to Cockscomb’s San Francisco roots. 

Cosentino has been praised for his dedication to his vision, which he has woven into all his projects. He is hailed as an educator, a philanthropist and a creator, aligning with Vans’ mission to cultivate creativity and self-expression.

Cosentino drew critical acclaim at the first restaurant he opened, and has earned glowing reviews for those he’s opened since. He takes traditional dishes and adds an innovative twist, blending his bold style with a refined approach. He’s also an author and winner of Top Chef Masters, a competitor on The Next Iron Chef and appeared on Iron Chef America.