Chima Pro for Spring 2014


Chima Ferguson’s first pro model returns to the line this season in four new colors including a printed aloha feather canvas. Staying true to the tagline, “Tough as leather, light as a feather,” the Chima Pro continues to impress with its innovative “skateable canvas.”

Vans’ original innovative design that brought you skateboarding’s first–ever vulcanized cupsole, a construction method we’ve dubbed Vans WAFFLECUP™, continues to be in high demand season after season.  Developed in four stages of testing with help from Vans team riders Gilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Andrew Allen and Chris Pfanner, the revolutionary breakthrough in skate shoe construction method fuses Vans original waffle outsole vulcanization technology with modern cupsole performance delivering superior boardfeel, grip, support and durability, along with max comfort, fit and stability.  The best of both worlds.