February 6, 2019

Vans Celebrates Iconic Checkerboard in the Latest Apparel Capsule    

Vans’ iconic checkerboard pattern is a timeless trademark among its vast spectrum of supporters. Since adapting its sleek and monochromatic design in the ‘70s, it has become representative of creative self-expression and a banner for skateboarders, surfers, artists, musicians, misfits and everyone in-between.

Staying true to its spirit, the new Vans Checkerpoint Pack illustrates how the pattern has evolved, from Sean Penn’s character in the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High to a device for underground rebels—just like Vans, the iconic motif is for everyone. The checkerboard pattern’s free-flowing progression and no-velvet rope outlook reflects Vans’ thriving legacy in design, and is emblematic of the brand’s creative expression.    

Pro Skate LTD Yardsale

The Checkerboard print revs up a long sleeve tee, adds artistic flair to a fleece hoodie and dimension to Vans’ accessories. Collection highlights include the Checkerpoint long-sleeve jacket with a custom checkerboard taping on the sleeves, a soft bluestone Authentic Chino Pro pant with a checkerboard taping down the leg, a black and white Checker Jacquard thermal pullover, and a black Authentic Chino taped pant. For a complete head-to-toe offering the collection incorporates the Taped Checker Pullover, a French terry pullover with the custom checkerboard taping along the sleeves, and the Hamilton, a two-toned heavyweight flannel and the “Off The Wall” Jacquard short sleeve featuring the “Off The Wall” label on the collar. 

The elevated capsule collection incorporates key accessories like a sleek slip-on cap, the Scurry Plus Rucksack, a 100% water-repellent backpack, and the core basic plus beanie in the bluestone and black/white checkerboard colorways.