July 24, 2019

3RA Vision Voyage

Vans became the original action sports brand in 1976 when the Van Doren family released the first skate shoe, style #95. The sturdy construction, material upgrades and padded collar withstood the demands of skaters carving the concrete and became the foundation of not only skate performance footwear but design expression with its multi-panel construction. 


Today, style #95 is known as the Era and continues to live on through varying style executions, colorways and forms. With a long-standing history that is rooted in D.I.Y culture, the Era aspires to be outside the confinements of traditional footwear executions with the introduction of the Era 3RA Vision Voyage pack. 

The design process begins with Vans original construction of the navy Era which is marked by stitching at each intersecting panel. Every original stitching placement extends and transforms the canvas of the Era with multiplied deco stitching. The tongue is layered with three executions – one atop another. The Era 3RA continues with three-layered foxing stipes, toe bumpers and three heel scabs. The Era 3RA will be available in two additional colorways including black and true white.