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The Segment brings a unique look to the market by drawing inspiration from retro basketball designs, blending them with a heritage-driven aesthetic distinctive to Vans.

The Segment introduces a new skate inspired outsole platform to the LXVI line using a lightweight, hollowed out cupsole that uses our WaffleFlex™ tread pattern and an UltraCush™ Lite drop-in midsole for extra comfort. The upper of the Segment blends retro basketball styling with classic Vans aesthetic all built around our ActionFit™ last shape. The upper also uses a mix of modern synthetic materials for the perfect balance between classic looks and modern function.


  • ActionFit™
  • WaffleFlex™
  • UltraCush™ Lite drop-in midsole
  • PleasureCuff™
  • RapidWeld™ collar detail
  • LuxLiner™

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Featuring The Following Technology
Modernized Flexible Tread Design

Our modernized tread design is turned on an angle to create lateral flex grooves across the foot, which promotes anatomical movement. The tread blocks have also been spaced apart with recessed centers to reduce weight and increase flexibility.
Ultracush Lite
Ultimate Comfort, Superior Cushioning

Our proprietary cushioning system that refers to any outsole, midsole, or footbed that use lightweight comfortable foams to support and cushion the foot. We utilize custom versions of EVA and open cell foam in a variety of constructions and applications developed over 45 plus years of making footwear.
Anatomical Performance Fit

LXVI's proprietary fit that features a higher heel height to mimic the fit of running shoes, while maintaining a balanced feel. This allows for more heel cushioning and also puts the user onto the ball of the foot which gives a much more "lively" feel to the shoe.
Uncompromised Fit And Comfort

Our proprietary heel and collar construction that uses a lycra coated neoprene cuff that is wrapped around a soft layer of open cell foam at its core for superior comfort and heel support.
Comfort Enhanced Liner

This advanced liner construction improves the comfort and fit by enabling the shoe to conform and move with the shape of the foot. This free-floating liner, which is an extension of the tongue, is hidden under the front surface of the shoe, moving independently from the outer shell. This system increases airflow, breathability and reduces any chance of hot spots or pinching in the toe box.
Advanced Stitch-less Construction

This progressive upper panel construction replaces the need for conventional stitching. This process utilizes a thin film between panels that bonds them together when pressed and heated. This creates an extremely strong bond between the panels which is more durable, lighter weight, and more flexible than conventional stitching.