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Keegan Sauder

British Columbia, Canada’s Keegan Sauder lends a little northern exposure to Vans’ Southern California vibe with his pale white skin and fondness for the pond, stick and puck.

Born on April Fools’ Day, Keegan brings his own brand of light-hearted comedy to almost any situation, motorcycle wrecks included (of which Keegan’s had more than his fair share). Currently residing in San Francisco and on Vans since 2004, Keegan turned pro for Zero Skateboards in 2010 and may very well be the closest thing to a “contest guy” Vans has, even despite his relaxed approach and carefree attitude in regard to skateboarding’s version of Circus Maximus. Where many modern contest skaters will train for months and years on end for the 45-second run and go into full gladiator mode when their name is called, Keegan tends to laugh through his runs and totally wing it, without pre-planning a single trick. Somehow, this tactic seems to work for him though, since he consistently places top ten in nearly every contest he enters. Keegan’s just that good!


What's the best trip you've ever been on? 

Trans-Siberian Railroad. Month long train trip across Russia and Asia. Too much to blog about. Best trip ever. It’s just the last place I ever thought a skateboard would get me.

Favorite Vans Rider? 

Just skated with Andrew Allen the other day and he can skate switch as well as regular. 

What trick can't you do that you wish you could? 

360 kickflip. I call them my nemesis. I wish I had a good one 'cause they look so good when people do them well. Sometimes I just don’t think I was meant to do them. Other than that, a 10-foot high rocket air must feel nice.

What are some interests/hobbies outside of skating? 

Camping, swimming, just being in the wilds. I really like cities or complete wilderness, no suburbs. Motorcycles are also one of the best things in the world. Getting drunk and staying sober. 

Last good book you read? 

October Country by Ray Bradbury because his imagination is so abstract. I like it because I could never come up with that shit, dog. And Cannery Row by Steinbeck. It’s about the ultimate dirtbags!