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Chukka Low Pro

UltraCush HD impact cushioning with Duracap Durability

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The Vans PRO CLASSICS range includes the classic Vans styles you know and love, but updated and upgraded under the hood to withstand the enhanced performance requirements of today’s BMXers.
The Best in Pedal Feel
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50 years of proven Vans footwear construction, combined with modern CUSHIONNING technology, delivers the best in pedal feel, flex and traction.
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Sturdy Stretch By Vans
Durability Meets
All-Day Comfort
Sturdy Stretch by Vans utilizes a unique blend of engineered fibers that provides increased durability and enhanced comfort with exceptional shape and stretch retention.
A Vans BMX Video
The Vans BMX Team is a group of creative individuals who express themselves by constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on two wheels. In doing so, each rider illustrates their own artistic approach and style on the many canvases of concrete, dirt, and wood.
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Style 112 Pro
Ultracush HD Impact Cushioning with Duracap Durability
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