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The 10th Annual Vans Pool Party Anoints Rookie Tristan Rennie and Legend Chris Miller Champions

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A new saga in Combi pool history unfolded at the 10th Annual Vans Pool Party as a remarkable crop of young up-and-comers earned their ranks on the Pool Party podium. Fifteen-year-old Tristan Rennie claimed first place, winning his first-ever Pro Pool Party title while standing alongside fellow young stars Josh Rodriguez, 22, and Cory Juneau, 14. Rising from the field after winning first place in the Qualifiers, Master’s division champion Brazilian pro Bruno Passos dominated the final, joining Brian Patch and Darren Navarette in the top three.

The new Legends division energized the Finals rounds as Chris Miller, seven-time Pool Party Masters champion and no stranger to the iconic Vans Combi bowl, earned the inaugural Legends title, settling a close race between Pool Party greats. Miller joins crowd favorite Jeff Grosso, who made a notable comeback to the top, edging out past winner Christian Hosoi for second place. 

Generations collided at this year’s contest, paying homage to the Legends who defined Combi Pool skating for decades, now paving the way for a new breed to thrive.

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1st Tristan Rennie
2nd Josh Rodriguez
3rd Cory Juneau

1st Chris Miller
2nd Jeff Grosso
3rd Christian Hosoi

1st Bruno Passos
2nd Brian Patch
3rd Darren Navarette

The Vans Pool Party is a unique event in skateboarding for bringing together the biggest names in deep bowl skateboarding—from the undisputed Legends of skateboarding to today’s elite top talent and up–and–comers—battling it out in the legendary and iconic Combi bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California.

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